Meet Sarah Quigg


Sarah Quigg 'As Seen On' ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The NYC Journal, Entrepreneur's Herald, Voyage Magazine LA, + many major media outlets, is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in the state of Florida, practicing out of Saint Augustine, conveniently located near the beaches and Historical Downtown. Quigg is the CEO and Founder of her private practice Life in Balance Therapeutic Healing, LLC. and Heart-Centered Thoughts, a self-healing product line, as well as the creator of Sarah Quigg LMHC on Instagram NOW known as @the.heart.centered.therapist

You can visit her Private Practice at and follow Sarah Quigg NOW on Instagram @the.heart.centered.therapist 

Quigg received her Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and then studied continuing education at Johns Hopkins. Currently she is pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Traumatology. She started her own practice in an effort to expand her approach and help as many individuals heal. Quigg, who is one of the most sought after therapists in Saint Augustine, Florida, blends the art and science of mental health therapy beautifully and helps individuals find their path forward.

In 2019, Sarah founded Heart-Centered Thoughts, which turned into the Heart-Centered Thoughts Collection, a self-healing product line and Co. Sarah created Heart-Centered Thoughts as a result of her background in Psychology and from doing her own inner work. She knew there must have been a higher purpose for her life and felt inspired to create this collective healing platform that would reach and hold space for millions of souls all over the world to learn how to heal themselves.

Sarah believes that everyone can evolve past their story (a place where we hold space by giving attention to our emotional body) when the individual feels safe to remove the shield. "When we begin to develop awareness around the wisdom we demonstrate in our choices, we no longer need to justify why we feel what we do, and hold a space of dignity that looks like, "I am worthy of honor and respect just as I am." We then come home to our most truest version of our authentic selves, a place of worthiness. When the individual can move past the ego and all of the conditioning from one's past (conditioned responses, patterns, thoughts and behaviors) we can live our awakening and move past the story". Sarah believes this is when we give the history of our pain and others, the returned dignity that was taken from unloving behaviors. "When we feel safe to let go of what is gripping us, the story then becomes the setup, for ascension. As we step into uncertainty, we learn how to see beyond our mental narratives and become aligned in our most conscious state".