Virtual Community

Enrollment for The Heart-Centered Virtual Community is Currently Closed. This product is a member-exclusive and self-directive healing membership at $22/monthly.

To embrace a different way of living and to live in the authentic of life, I have learned that healing is tangible. To have intellectual strength, how are we consciously exercising our intelligence? How do we not get distracted by distractions of many ways? We tangibly give time for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment. I had to ask myself questions like, who inspires me? What am I reading? Where do I feel safe to grow into a better version of myself? This answer was simple, with others who are facing similar challenges.

This community is for like minded people who are committed to self-betterment and helping each other grow with action, accountability, strength, compassion and support. In this community you will learn how to create practice for deep connection to the self and others as you begin the journey of self-discovery and healing. In this community the goal is to form qualitative connections, compassion and dignity for ourselves and others while finding refuge in service. It is choosing to show up, even when we are in pain, which looks like a change in empowerment. We choose where we want our story to go. 

Each month includes a new theme and content, plus Sarah announces her monthly book club pick to enhance deeper healing. 

Together we will heal and continue to grow!  

Monthly Topic: Inner Child.

What is the Inner Child and the process towards healing? 

What is the Inner Child? The Inner Child is the “little you” that lives in the subconscious part of our brains, which is based on all of our primal feelings and needs that were either met and/or unmet going back to early childhood experiences. 

Adult Reparenting. Adult Reparenting is learning how to meet the unmet needs of the child self, the wounded inner child. It is where we learn how to create healthy habits, routines, rituals and how to have an objective relationship with our emotions through the use of:

  • Breathwork as we allow emotions to surface with nonjudgment and/or reaction.
  • Learn what self-care is and how to practice.
  • Learn how to play and how to give yourself the love you deserve.
  • Learn how to celebrate our victories!
  • Learn how to set and hold boundaries.
  • Learn how to self-soothe. 

Journal Prompts. 

Monthly Topic: Inner Child.

  • What needs did I not get met as a child? How am I meeting those needs now? 
  • Where am I deeming myself unworthy?
  • What are the mental narratives or mental knots (unconscious ego stories that are not true) that we tell ourselves that have paralyzed me from taking action? This is where we can get to a place of conscious awareness. 

Heart-Centered Exercises

The biggest challenge we are all learning right now is how to have structure when we cannot leave our home. What are our choices?

1. We can learn how to use the spaces in our homes for different emotional states and moods.

2. Connect and observe with your body and how it feels and where it feels in different emotional states.

3. Create spaces for purpose and activities for your emotional states and moods.